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About us


Company History

Coperfil Group arises in crisis of 90 by the merger of various companies owned by the founder Vicente Roig, accumulating more than 30 years of industry experience. In 1994 revenues were EUR 10 million, a figure that has increased during these years significantly, reaching EUR 227 million total in the year 2008.

Coperfil Group, the construction company was a pioneer in the field of private nonresidential construction in Spain and currently has structured this activity in several investee companies, formed and run by qualified professionals who strive every day to maintain the confidence of the main industry groups, developers and investors nationally and internationally.

Coperfil Group, started in 2001 his real estate business, mainly through its association with financial institutions and large international investment groups for the development of logistics parks and business parks. These investments are segregated from the group in 2007, although Coperfil Group holds shares in other property companies and develops projects directly.


Reference within the field of private nonresidential construction, providing unique concepts in a highly competitive market and in order to achieve a differentiated position nationally and internationally, combining global resources and know-how unique in the industry.

We have a leading position in the design and construction of parks loga sticos, industrial, commercial and business hotel, thanks to our 30 years of experience and our client portfolio with major operators and enterprises in each sector and major financial institutions.


Despite our proven ability, our work is not done. We are a stronger company today, but market conditions remain very difficult. It will take time to see the first signs of stabilization and recovery will be very different from the previous cycle. Meanwhile we will continue to focus our work in those specialties that we master and adapt the structure to the needs of the new economy, gaining flexibility and knowledge, certain that the steps we are taking today will put us in a stronger position to where the right time to grow.

In this market, we understand that trust is a scarce commodity, but we will continue working to restore the confidence of customers and suppliers in each of our companies, as we do, we invite you to keep the illusion in the work of each day.